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Jackson Towing & Auto Repair Service

So you’ve been in an accident. Or maybe you’ve busted a flat tire. Or maybe you’ve been locked out of your car. Regardless of what it is, you need help, and you need help from professional towing, recovery, and roadside assistance experts who you can trust. Not only that—you want to know the people helping you are friendly and personable enough to make for a quick and painless process the whole way through. Lucky for you, Jackson Towing and Auto Repair is here to help. In business for 30 years, Jackson Towing offers a one-stop shop for towing, recovery and auto repair in Madison, Athens, Atlanta, Conyers and Greensboro. Our highly trained, licensed and certified tow operators are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to recover and tow your vehicle whenever you may need. We boast a state-of-the-art fleet of trucks and cutting-edge repair equipment to ensure a job done right the first time. Having been around for as long as we have, we appreciate the value of a job done with a smile. If you need towing or auto repair, chances are your day isn’t going according to plan in the first place. We understand this and vow to prevent any further hassle for you by offering friendly service from the moment of a crash until the moment you get back onto the road.

1231 Turner Road, Madison, GA 30650

(706) 818-5879



They figured out what was wrong very quickly, but the part had to be special-ordered. They tried to find a rental car for me (no dice - it was Christmas weekend and nobody had one), then took me back to the highway to meet the friend who was picking me up. When the part arrived, they installed it and it was the exact repair my car needed! They were very helpful all the way through.

They arrived in under ten minutes, very professional and courteous. Highly recommended for any roadside assistance in Madison and surrounding areas. Thanks again!!
Dee F.
I went to Jackson Towing earlier this week for routine maintenance on my vehicle after a friend recommended them to me. I had a great experience. Good customer service, good pricing and the repairs were done quickly. I highly recommend them!
Sonya H.

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